Smart Modern House
Double property profit. We build additional space for tenats and rent it out room by room.
What we do:
We offer effective property management - home owners income is 50-100% higher than the market price.
We add more rooms and bathrooms to your property.
We rent out houses room by room resulting in a higher market price.
24/7 staff on site, maintenence and a membership system to guarantee rent collection.
House owner business model example
Revenue increased by 131% under Startup House management. Open since March 2020.
Why choose us?
High quality community of like minded people
24/7 staff on site
income is 50-100% higher than the market price for standard rent
3 years experience and 7 houses under management
Professional team
We insure your home
A personal solution
We work closely with every partner, studying their propety and the market it is on, to make sure that owners can make the most profit out of their new house.

We will not make an offer before making sure that it will work for everyone. Leave us your contact details and we will reach out ASAP, to see if we can work together!
Phases of opening a new house
Your request
Leave a request and our executive team will reach out to start working on a solution for your property.
Getting started
After we study the market for your property and create a business plan for your house that is based on local data and our experience, we will work closely with you, making sure that it suits you and you are on board.
House optimisation
As soon as you approve the plan, we begin working on your house, adding rooms and spaces for guests.
Opening the house
It is in our best intrest that your house is up on the market ASAP, and the renovation and optimisation work is high quality. After that, we gurantee 50% occupancy of the new startup house 1 month after opening it.
Lets see if we can work together
Send us a request, we will reach out and answer any more of your questions.
+1 650 459 5995
Our address: 995 Steiner Street, San Francisco.
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